Ham McCalister Mysteries

The Ghost of Truckee River

When rich and famous rock legend Blake Garrett offers private detective Ham McCalister an astonishing fee to find his predicted would-be killer, Ham is not even sure he wants to case.  Especially since, oOnce he arrives in Hawaii to meet with the superstar, Ham is confronted by[ madness and murder--and a self-proclaimed ghost who won't leave him alone.

He takes the case only to find that to solve it, he must overcome his natural distrust of people and their motives, his would-be cynicism and hard-boiled pessimism, his occasional and very much unwanted flights into Walter Mitty-esque fantasy...and his utter fascination with Blake's free-spirited daughter, Charlie.  And that, he discovers, is much, much easier said than done.
Forthcoming, Penmore Press

When the Music Fades to Murder the Singer Must Die

​​Record producer, studio owner and songwriting publisher Ronny Damon finds himself a subject of interest in a series of murders.  Somebody is killing musicians from his stable and, though the why is unknown, the design is clear.  The predator is targeting victims according to a particular musical scale.

He hires Ham McCalister and his female partner, Drew Thornton, both former homicide detectives with the Las Vegas PD, to protect his interests.  When in the course of the investigation the discover that Ham's friend and Drew's inamorata, rock superstar Russ Porter, is a potential suspect as well as a potential victim, they act to secure his interests.  In doing so, they discover that Ronny Damon is both much less and much more than meets the eye and that they may have to make a decision not in the best interests of the client who pays their fee.

Forthcoming, Penmore Press