Brent Kroetch

Brent is the author of numerous books and articles, both academic
and fiction.  He previously taught college courses, served in
government, engaged in private industry, wrote and released songs
under the stage name Brett Williams, and wrote songs released by
other artists, including Jessica Rogers, Red Hawk and Eric Kurtz.
He is the recipient of two Telly Awards for music videos.

Previous books include The Delaney Escape, Murder-In-Law and Success Is No Substitute for a Bungled Life.
And just for fun, Solar Home Heating and Conservation Options: An Economic Analysis.

His current projects are in the mystery genre, books which feature Ham McCalister and his partner, Drew Thornton.  Ham, being the one more likely to indulge in Walter Miyy-esque flights of fancy, relies upon his more lethal partner to keep him focused--though there are times, due to her explosive temper, when he must refocus her as well.

In addition to The Ghost of Truckee River and When the Music Fades to Murder the Singer Must Die (both forthcoming from Penmore Press), he is finishing the next Ham and Drew adventure, The Biggest Little Crime in the World, set of course, in Reno, Nevada, The Biggest Little City in the World.